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      Model No : EYE-SPY-PINHOLE    


Weight: 4.00 lbs

Market price:


Price: $257.00
    Product Description

The EYE-SPY is the perfect kit for those situations when you need a quick, easy, cost effective spy or hidden camera solution.

Wireless Camera:

The tiny color pin hole camera is easily concealed in any room. The Camera effectively covers a 25x25' viewing area and can transmit its video signal up to 70' to the portable DVR unit. The camera is powered with a 12v DC plug in power supply. You have the option to choose from three styles of wireless cameras.
  • Pin Hole Camera: The pin hole camera is included in the cost of the kit. This camera provides a color video picture using a 3.6mm pin hole lens. The camera does require some light to operate..

  • Indoor Night Vision: The optional indoor night vision camera provides a color picture during the day and automatically switches to night vision when the light level drop to low. The camera is equipped with a 3.6mm lens and effectively covers a 25x25' area..

  • Outdoor Night Vision: The optional outdoor night vision camera provides a color picture during the day and automatically switches to night vision when the light level drops to low. The camera is designed for extreme weather conditions and is environmentally sealed. Its operating temperature ranges from 0-110 degree F. Equipped with a 3.6mm lens the camera effectively covers a 25x25' area.

Portable DVR:

The portable DVR unit connects to any T.V. with an RCA cable and provides easy on screen set-up as well as video playback. After initial set-up the DVR can be disconnected from the TV and placed in a concealed location within the cameras transmission range. The unit allows you to add Removable Memory Cards to increase the video storage capability to meet your requirements.

  • Wireless & Easily Hidden
  • High Resolution Color Camera
  • 25 x 25' Viewing Area
  • 70' Wireless Transmission Range
  • Portable Digital Video Recorder
  • Motion Detection Recording
  • Continuous Recording
  • Easy Set Up
  • Time & Date Stamp
  • Playback on any TV
  • Removable Memory Cards
  • Night Vision & Outdoor Options
  • Reliable
Perfect for the following applications:
  • Nanny Camera - Make sure your kids are safe when your out.

  • Spy Camera - The kit is provides the two most desirer able features of a good video spy system - wireless & hidden.

  • Hidden Camera - The units are small and easily concealed in almost anything including books, towels, under furniture, in plants etc.

  • Monitoring Camera - The kit can be use for all types of monitoring applications including: Employees, Children, Pets, Driveways, Cars, Inventory, Elderly, Stores, Factories, Vandalism, etc.
Installation: Place the camera so it views the area of concern. Power the camera with the plug in power supply (included). Connect the portable DVR to a TV and set your recording options. Place the DVR with-in reliable video transmission range of the camera, turn the unit on and verify that the video signal is being received.

Operation: Depending on the set up options you choose the DVR will either continuously record the video, or if you are using the Motion Detection option, will monitor the video and only record when the unit detects motion. The unit will record until the memory is full and will then continue to record over the oldest video files.

Playback: There are two options for reviewing the recorded video. You can connect the DVR to any TV and use the playback controls on the DVR to review the video or you can remove the portable memory card and review the video on a PC. It does not get any easier!

Video Storage:
  • 16 Meg Built-in Memory - 225 Images
  • 256 Meg Removable SD Memory Card - 3,600 Images
  • 512 Meg Removable SD Memory Card - 7,200 Images
  • 1 Gig Removable SD Memory Card - 14,400 Images
  • 2 Gig Removable SD Memory Card - 28,800 Images
The unit has 16 megabytes of video storage built in providing a total memory storage of 225 images. To increase the storage capacity of the system simply choose one of the removable SD memory card options provided.
The total amount of video stored on your memory is a function of how many "frames per second" you are recording. If you set the unit to record 1 fps, then a 2 Gig memory card would store a total of 8 hours of continuous video. Using the Motion Activation Feature of this system can optimize the use of the memory extending the total amount of time the system can provide continuous surveillance up to 5 days on average.
  • Wireless & Easy to Use
  • Video Recording 320x240 or Photo Recording 640x480 Format
  • Flexible Play Back: Slow, Medium, Fast, Freeze Frame
  • 480 Line High Resolution Color Camera
  • 16 Meg on Board Video Storage
  • Removable Memory Card Options
  • Adjustable Motion Detection Activation
  • Date & Time Overlaid on Video
  • Automatically Starts Recording After Power Loss
  • Adjustable Recording Rates - 2 FPS Max.
  • Power Supply & Connection Cables Included
  • 1 Year Complete Warranty
NOTE: Because of the nature of this product it is exempt from our standard return policy. The unit is covered with a complete one year repair and service warranty but we do not provide refunds on this product.

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