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      Model No : TPM-F400    


Model No.: TPM-F400

    Receiver Module
  1. Input Frequency: 433.920MHz
  2. Receiving Sensitivity: ≥-dBm
  3. Voltage: 12vdc or 24vdc
  4. Operating Current-Transmit: ≤50mA/≤20mA
  5. Pressure detection precision: 0.01Bar,≤0.5%
  6. Temperature detection precision: 1℃, ±2℃ 
  7. Transmit time:3ms max (power supply)
  8. Transmit Range: 30m(Free space)
  9. Modulating Mode: FSK
    Sensor Device
  1. Output Power: ≤6dBm
  2. Transmit Frequency: 433.92±0.04MHz
  3. Pressure Sensor Range: 1.275Mpa absolute/0.63Mpa absolute
  4. Voltage: 3VDC
  5. Weight: 30g
  6. Sensor speed:one time/3 seconds normally
    255 times/seconds abnormally
  7. Transmit Interval: 20or5 seconds
  8. Temperature Sensor Range: -40℃~125±℃
  9. Storage temperature:-55℃~+140℃
    System Component:

Central control system (1 set)
Auto tire temperature, pressure sensor (4 sets)

1.It adopts the international latest digital technology of Motorola, which has high precision and the fast response time.
2. The appearance is fashionable and esthetic, and the auxiliary facility of car can be designed additionally
3. It adopts the way of wireless transmission between monitor and receiver.
4. High-capacity lithium battery, and the lifetime is as long as 7 years
5. Alarm functions of high pressure, low pressure, high temperature, quick leakage and sensor failure
6. The functions of data display, inquiring and alarm parameters setting
7. The function of resisting the same frequency

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