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      Model No : TPM-V104    


Model No.: TPM-V104


A.TPMS receive-display technique specifications:
⑴Central frequency :433.920MHz
⑵Testing sensitivity:≥-75dBm
⑶Receiving voltage:12VDC or 24VDC
⑷Maximal working current:110mA
⑸Operation temperature:-40~+80℃
B.TPMS transmitter technique specifications:
⑴Power Output:≤-35dBm
⑵Output Frequency:433.92±0.04MHz
⑶Rated Temperature:±50kHz
⑷Maximal detection pressure:9.9Bar (0.99Mpa)
⑸Pressure detection precision:±O.1Bar (0.01Mpa)
⑺V transmitter weight:25g
⑻Operation temperature:-40~+125℃
C. Parking sensor technique parameter:
⑴Power Output:≤-35dBm
⑵Output Frequency:433.92±0.04MHz
⑶Rated Temperature:±50kHz
⑷Ultrasonic Frequency: 40 KHz
⑸Detective Range: 0.3-2.0M
⑹Detection Precision:±O.1M
⑺Voltage:12VDC or 24VDC
⑻Maximal Working Temperature :65mA
⑼Working Temperature: -40~+85℃

    System Component:

1 Display Unit (TPM-DU)
2 Display Unit Support Clip (TPM-SC)
1 Display Unit Support Stand (TPM-SS)
1 Receiver Unit (TPM-RU)
4 Sensor-Transmitter (TPM-V1)
1 Power Cord (TPM-PC)
1 Data Cord (TPM-DC)
3 2-Sided Adhesive Strip (TPM-AS)
1 Steel Pin (TPM-SP)

It fit external tire valve-stem mounting Sensor-Transmitter, Receiver Unit and Display for 4-wheel vehicles. It can reliably monitor up tire pressure and display the readings whenever the vehicle is running or idle.

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