Impact And Punch Down Tool
Impact And Punch Down Tool
HT-3140/HT-314 TO 7.1" (180mm) HT-3240/HT-324 TO 4.5" (114mm) HT-3340/HT-334 TO 4.5" (114mm)
314 324 334 66TYPE HT-14
314A 324A 334A 66 & 110/88 TYPE, BOTH END WITH CUTS FUNCTION. HT-14BK
314B 324B 334B 110/88 TYPE HT-14B
314C 324C 334C 66 & 110/88 TYPE,BOTH END W/O CUTS FUNTION. HT-14C
314D 324D 334D 630A PHONE JACK HT-14D
314BK 324BK 334BK 630A PHONE JACK HT-14BK
314P 324P 334P PANASONIC 110 TYPE HT-14P
314T 324T 334T TWIST-LOCK TYPE FOR 66 HT-14T
314TB 324TB 334TB TWIST-LOCK TYPE FOR 110/88 HT-14TB
For seating wire into terminal block or cut off wire end after terminated.
  • HT-3140 Series,tool'sframe was divided into mainbody with impact mechanism inside and the turnablebody.Frame made of polyacepal resin with fiber glass.
  • With impact pressure adjustable control.Turn the turnable part by clockwise direction to H indicated pressure H=15+-2kgs for inserting larger wire into terminalblock,or L indicated pressure L=10+-2kgs for standard wire.The turnable part is irreversible
  • The storage on the top of toll is for storing one piece  of spare blade.
  • Blades madeo f SNCM-21 and harden.All are interchangeable and reversible.blade are easy for changing and w/o using of screw driver.
  • HT-3140/314T0,3240/324T0,3340/334T0 w/o blade,tool's body only.
  • HT-314T0,324T0 and 334T0 Twist-lock type.
  • HT-3140/314T0 SERIES with impact and pressure adjustable control.HT-3240/324T0 seriesWith impact function w/o impact pressure adjusting control.
  • HT-3340/334t0 series Economic type w/p impact function.