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      Model No : Network Communication Module(ALARM)    

Network Communication Module(ALARM)  is a new product developed by our company for connecting the C&K23XX and ADEMCO series control panel or IR access control system and transmitting the information via network between the alarm center the hosts. The mini-exterior module can be installed in the box of the C&K Control panel or in other control box. Power supplied by host and transmission by network will greatly increase the transmission speed to the surveillance center for arm, disarm, bypass remove bypass or alarm information at real time, also, the center can control the hosts such as arm, disarm, bypass, remove bypass, control panel reset, clear alarm memory and so on.  
      CKNU can be served as serial port network extension for reconstructing the device management; the port for C&K device is 4001, 4002 for transparent serial port.

1.  Features and functions

    1) Surveillance center will Knows the state of the remote control panel like the palm of hand via network.   
    2) Virtual keypad: Remote control, operation, program to the C&K host by the virtual keypad via network.
    3) Remote information: Knowing the arm/disarm/bypass/remove bypass status, receiving the alarm message.
    4) Remote control: Control the remote control panel such as arm/disarm/bypass/remove bypass/clear alarm memory.
    5) High transmission speed: Remote transmission speed is 20-30 times as the former speed.
    6) Build-in clock chip will accurately record the time when event taking place.
    7) Transparent serial port transmission supported for IR Access Control System and other device.
    8) Alarm and switch to the phone line transmission when network disconnected.
    9) Save events information up to 200 if network disconnect, send to center if reconnect.
   10) Used for the network extension between the 2 RS232/RS485 devices.
   11) Virtual driver for serial interface offered.
   12) Used for the RS232/RS485 and Ethernet conversion.
   13) Mini-exterior can be embedded into the control panel.
   14) SDK and DEMO procedure offered, making user easier to develop the management software themselves.
   15) Compatible with AOERS Alarm Overall Events Record System, Alarm Center, DVR2000 Remote (Map), DVR2000-RVSC (Map)surveillance center software, you can select event record software,real time message transmission and control or both alarm message and video surveillance.


2Installation and connection

      1) The exterior of CKNU is mini that it can be installed into the box of CK CONTROL Panel.
      2) Introduction of the C&K control panel connect the “12V, CLK, D, G” with C&k keypad in parallel to the“12V, CLK, DATA, GND”, port number is 4001, then connect to the network.                                                        3) Connection of the IR Access Control System: Connect "12V, G" to the 12V power supply of the IR, C&K serial port to IR serial port, port number is 4002, then connect to the network.

3. Network application of CKNU

      1)  Application for C&K control panel
Install the module in every C&K control panel and connect to the existing network, just a center PC will manage many C&K hosts for collecting and viewing the event information, not only completely replacing the original C&K printer but also controlling and operating the hosts.

The virtual keyboard provides user with the same visual feeling to the operation of scene and extremely enlarges the applicability of the module. Some ordinary actions (arm, disarm, bypass, remove bypass) on the C&K host can be performed conveniently by SDK or Hengtong integrated management centre software, and event report from the C&K host will be received in one second.
     Alarming when the network disconnects: It is helpful for user to find the fualt in time.
     The standby phone line auto switch will save you a large quantity of communication expense. When the network is ok, the phone line is in standby, however, once the network gets a trouble, transmission will automatically go to phone line, ensuring the transmission perfectly safe.

      2)  Application for IR host
     Install the module in every IR access control host, connect the module to the serial port of the expansion module on the IR host and to the existing network, just a centre PC will manage many IR access control hosts for programming, collecting and viewing the information. Some ordinary actions such as arm/disarm, open/close to IR can be performed conveniently on the Hengtong integrated management center software, and the event information can be received at real time.

      3)  Application for serial port device
     This module is widely applied in the traditional serial port transmission control system that needs to be upgraded via network or connect to network, and is also the best solution for long-distance transmission.

The module sets up a completely transparent network transmission interface. You can search all the network modules in the LAN by the software and set the IP address, serial port communication parameter, connection IP or MAC limit so as to ensure the security of the transparent channel.

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