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      Model No : HTDVS-F(V 2.0/3.0)    

HTDVS:Network Video Server


1) MPEG-4/H.264 Video compression format, G.729A audio compression  format;
2) Single channel real time, 4 channels non real time supported, QCIF, CIF, DCIF, Half-D1, Full-D1 5 resolution selectable at will;
3) Code/decode flexible setup, a video coder can be set as a decoder for analog output;
4) DC 12V power supply, wide voltage range 8V-15V;
5) Protection for DC input reversed polarity connection supported;
6) Built-in CCIR656 digital video interfaces for the connection of CCD camera;
7) 10MHz/100MHz network supported;
8) PTZ control and transparency transmission mode supported;
9) 6 channels alarm I/O interfaces can be set optionally,transparency I/O interfaces (AuxI/O) as well;
10) I/O and communication interfaces overvoltage protection (Overvoltage protection for I/O and communication interfaces);
11) Multi- serial interfaces expansion supported;
12) IE browse and Hengtong remote setup software browse and setup supported;
13) Upgrade via network or serial interface supported;
14) Infrared remote-control mode supported;
15) Mobile telephone video connection supported (S60 series);
16) Motion detection, video compression, shield and pre-view provide, 4channels independent setup;
17) Listening and in scene and remote intercom;
18) Many security functions supported, such as system locked,users' authority, password and MAC code verification, etc.
19) Fixed or dynamic IP supported, dynamic IP register as well;
20)  RFC867, DTP timing function;
21) Multicast and unicast supported;
22)  Alarm remote transmission via TCO/UDP;
23) Arm/disarm port setup for the alarm remote transmission control;
24) DVR mode and NAS (SMB/CIFS) supported via download the special software;
25) The exterior is so mini that can be embedded into many devices for the expansion of the network appliance such as camera and speed dome.

HTDVS-F (V 2.0/3.0)    

HTDVS-M (V 2.0/3.0)    

HTDVS-F (V 1.0)    

HTDVS-M (V 1.0)    

2、New product of HTDVS(V3.0)

1) DC 12V power supply, wide voltage range: 8V-15V;
2) Protection for DC input reversed polarity connection supported;
3) Overvoltage protection for I/O and communication interfaces ;
4) Single channel real time, 4 channels non real time supported, QCIF, CIF, DCIF, Half-D1, Full-D1 5 resolution selectable at will;
5) Decode mode and transparency PTZ control supported;
6) Mobile telephone video connection supported (S60 series); 
7) DVR mode and NAS (SMB/CIFS) supported via download the special software.

3、HTDVS fittings

1) Hardware
• A DVS host
• Two bundles of expansion line for the keyboard interface(audio/video interface、power interface)
• 4 channels video and I/O expansion line(optional)
• An infrared remote-controller (optional)
• A manual (just the readme.doc)
• A 5V/3A or 12V/3A power supply
• A CD of software
• A piece of device list
2) Software (including the content in CD and the DVS host)
• Parameter remote setup from IE (in DVS host)
• IE remote visit software  (in DVS host)
• Single channel remote surveillance software (in CD)
• Remote search and setup software (in CD)
• Standard version software for multi-channels remote surveillance(in CD)
• Audio and video filter (in CD)
• Latest version of DIRECTX (in CD)
• Position coding table for Chinese character


Technical parameter
Operating System
Power supply
DC 12V, wide voltage range8V-15V
Video Compression
Audio Compression
Code Rate Control
Image Resolution
PAL: 704x576(D1); 704x288(HD1); 528x384(DCIF);352x288(CIF);176x144(QCIF);
NTSC: 704x480(D1); 704x240(HD1); 528x384(DCIF);352x240(CIF);176x120(QCIF);
Frame rate
PAL: 1-25fps adjustable;
NTSC: 1-30fps adjustable;
Network Supported
Network Delay
Near zero delay (<1s)
RJ45、RS232/RS485, above 17 RS232 choosable
83mm x 54mm x 36.5mm
PTZ Protocol


5. HTDVS application project
By the transmission of the wire network (LAN, ADSL) or wireless network (GPRS, CDMA) DVS can be applied to Network Camera, House Alarm, Digital Building Intercom, Video phone, Speed Dome and Vehicle Wireless Surveillance System.
1)  Network video server:
     Network video server is an embedded video processing, controlling and transmission facility. Its core is running the RISC embedded computer of the Real time Operating System and the high performance video DSP. After compressing and processing by the embedded computer the input video will be transmitted to the network, you can view the remote video by IE browser or other special software, and the super user also can set the DVS, control the PTZ or cameras. A HTDVS with the crust is just an integrated network video server, which provides all the perfectly functions of the DVS from software to hardware.

    The actual bandwidth of the active image real-time transmission of HTDVS is 128-600K, which is one of the important indexes in evaluating the overall performance of the network video server. The high bandwidth means the network expense increased, and this will affect user’s determination to introduce the digital surveillance, any user have to consider the economic problem after all.
     The network remote transmission delay of the HTDVS is close on zero second. Though the delay is unavoidable to any network video server, a higher delay value would affect the effect of surveillance.
    The network video server is mostly applied to many dispersible network points that need remote real-time and concentrative surveillance. Therefore, how many video channels are monitored and recorded simultaneously in surveillance center is an important index evaluating the remote survillance effect. HengTong surveillance management center may supervise 36 channels and record 64 channels video simultaneously. And it can manage infinite network video server theoretically.
     Application: the security surveillance system based on network, such as remote surveillance center. base station without guarder, roadway surveillance, diggings and mine.

2) Network camera:
    Based on the technology of image digital compression, real-time control and network encryption transmission the network camera, a new generation camera which integrates the traditional camera and the network technology, transmits the video data that compressed and encrypted by the embedded DVS to the LAN or Internet with TCP/IP, so that the users may visit the network camera on their PC with standard network browser according to the IP address, viewing the real-time image and controlling camera lens and PTZ and implementing the real-time monitoring to the target.
     We do custom-made hardware according to the user’s requirement, such as adding or deleting component and interface, which will integrates the module into the user’s existing product conveniently and speedily. For the network camera the module supports analog or CCIR656 digital video interface for CCD sensor, so just connect and install into the same camera crust, a network camera will be.

    You can visit and configure the HTDVS via IE browser. If you add audio I/O device, audio bidirectioal transmission will be realize, and all the functions of the network camera as well.
   The network camera, plug and play, has powerful functions and has reduced many wiring in the network surveillance system, combining the information and video transmission.

Main parameter
Compression: Mpeg-4, H.264
Transmission: TCP/IP, UDP
Network: 10-BAST/100-BAST
Resolution: 352×288,176×144

Network Camera Function:

1. Compression: Mpeg-4, H.264 compressed, network transmitted by TCP/IP;
2. Operation and control: Camera or lens. PTZ and other device controlled via network;
3. Network interface: Built-in 10M/100M Ethernet RJ-45 interface for the remote surveillance via network;
4. Exterior interface:Built-in parallel I/O interface for connecting the exterior sensor alarm automatically and controlling the or processing linkage alarm, linkage alarm image record supported;
5. Control interface:Built-in serial RS-485 will control the lens and PTZ or other external device;
6. Networked mode: Surveillance management center network and distributed surveillance network;
7. Embedded VEB SERVER: A WEB SERVER embedded for surveillance, control and configuration from PC by the standard browser;
8. Safety: Multi-levels IP address, MAC code and authorized validation;
9. Upgrade:built-in real-time operating system(RTOS) supports the software download, configuration and convenient upgrade, operation and management.

network camera performance

1. Resolution: CIF(352*288)and QCIF(176*144)supported;
2. Display speed: PAL 25f/s;
3. User number:16 users simultaneous connection supported;
4. Image parameter configuration:Contrast, luminance,saturation 0~128, chroma-127~+128 adjustable;
5. The lowest illuminance:0.3Lux at F1.2; (the relevant parameter of the camera)
6. Auto white balance; (the relevant parameter of the camera)
7. Electronic shutter: AUTO 1/50—1/120,000s; (the relevant parameter of the camera)
8. Auto iris: A.E.S/DC—IRIS(VIDEO-IRIS optional); (the relevant parameter of the camera)
9. Auto gain control; (the relevant parameter of the camera)
10. MTTF:50000 hours(the relative with work environment); (the relevant parameter of the camera)
11. Net weight:950g
12. Exterior size: 83′ 54 ′36.5mm

House surveillance and alarm terminal

     HTDVS supports 4 channels video input, 4 channels alarm input, 2 channels alarm output and a RS232/RS485 control interface for conveniently building up a house surveillance and alarm system to control the audio and video even the house appliance via ADSL when you are out; once there is an alarm, HTDVS would touch off horn and automatically call the host mobile phone or connect with the district security room.

3)  Domestic monitoring alarm terminal
     The HTDVS supports 4 channels video input, 4 challels alarm input, 2 channels alarm output and a RS232/RS485 control interface, the user can build up the security monitoring network conveniently at home. It can control the audio and video even the domestic electric appliance via ADSL when you are out; once there is any alarm from annunciator, the HTDVS would touch off alarm signal and automatically call the mobile phone of host or connect with the security room of the district and so on.

4) Network Video Building Intercom System and Video telephone

   You may set up a complete network video intercom system in a short time by the network interoperability of HTDVS, one video input for video signal input, one audio input for capturing audio, One video output for viewing the other side, one audio output for the voice of the opposite side, and the RS232 interface for keypad input.

    You can dial and call any user via the keypad in the LAN, and the calling tone would give out from the sound box connecting to audio output. After the other side receiving the call, audio and video bidirectional transmission begins, and the local and remote image will display picture in picture.
   Connections between terminals by the sub-district network will save you vast wiring work.

     5) Network speed dome:
     PTZ now is mostly controlled through RS485, so you must connect to computer device or PTZ control-keyboard for controlling, this certainly has a distance limitation and is hard to install or adjust. The exterior of HTDVS is so small that it can be conveniently embedded into the integrative PTZ, or a custom-made PCB for the direct incorporation of the HTDVS and PTZ control panel; the control command from network to HTDVS will transmit to the incorporated PTZ, just a power lead and a network line needed to controlling the video and direction!

    HTDVS supports more than 20 kinds of PTZ control protocols including most of the protocols on the market, any protocol appearing in future will be added by remote upgrade.
6)  Vehicle mobile surveillance system
     With the GPRS and CDMA dialing interface HTDVS can connect the network at anytime and anywhere, and the self-contained dynamic I P registration function is conveniently for connection. The IP and MAC address verification, data encrypted function will ensure the security of data.

6.Applied project
     Network video server module can be applied in vehicle with the wireless monitoring system, network speed dome, network camera, digital building video intercom system, network video intercom telephone, or it just can be used as network video sever by the wired network (such as LAN、ADSL) or the wireless network (such as GPRS、CDMA ).

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