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      Model No : Wiring duct(slotted)    

Wiring duct(slotted)

  • Material:made from PVC(grey),good insulation and heat-resisting up to 85°C
  • Struction:made up of duct bottom and lid, with two out-holes designd at the bottom.
Item.NO. WxH Contained wire(1.52) Length
PXC-2015 20x15 5-10PCS 2M
PXC-2020 20x20 10-15PCS
PXC-2025 20x25 10-20PCS
PXC-2045 20x45 25-35PCS
PXC-2525 25x25 10-25PCS
PXC-3015 30x15 5-15PCS
PXC-3020 30x20 10-20PCS
PXC-3025 30x25 15-25PCS
PXC-3030 30x30 20-30PCS
PXC-3035 30x35 30-45PCS
PXC-3050 30x50 45-60PCS
PXC-3525 35x25 25-35PCS
PXC-3535 35x35 40-55PCS
PXC-4025 40x25 20-40PCS
PXC-4030 40x30 35-50PCS
PXC-4040 40x40 45-55PCS
PXC-4525 45x25 25-40PCS
PXC-4545 45x45 60-70PCS
PXC-4565 45x65 100-110PCS
PXC-5025 50x25 25-40PCS
PXC-5035 50x35 60-70PCS
PXC-5040 50x40 100-110PCS
PXC-5045 50x45 25-45PCS
PXC-5050 50x50 50-60PCS
PXC-5055 50x55 60-70PCS
PXC-50100 50x100 70-85PCS
PXC-6525 65x25 90-100PCS
PXC-6545 65x45 100-110PCS
PXC-6565 65x65 180-200PCS
PXC-8035 80x35 140-160PCS
PXC-8045 80x45 160-180PCS
PXC-8050 80x50 180-200PCS
PXC-8055 80x55 200-220PCS
PXC-8080 80x80 240-290PCS
PXC-80100 80x100 280-350PCS
PXC-100100 100x100 300-400PCS
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