Intelligent Door Locks

Electronic lock

  • 1.Top numeral artificial intelligence system,advanced technology.
  • 2.Open by password and telepathy control system independence,practicality,convenience and fashion.
  • 3.The most popular international cast steel integration structure,elegant and diaphanous design.
  • 4.Original creation of 3-15 digit dual code combination lead to the more powerful code control,and more convenient to handle.
  • 5.Adopt the electric-core lock which is the peak tech from Korea,accord the CPS standard.
  • 6.The way of lock the door can be set up as automatic or personalize,convenience.
  • 7.Fire proofed induce set inside toughly improve the safety factor.
  • 8.Crystal keypad lighting in the night,convenient for use.
  • 9.Have mute function,alarm tone and low battery hint tone.
  • 10.Have double locking function inside and outside.
  • 11.This product also have anti high-voltage function which will be shut down the system temporarily when it induce the high-voltage.
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  • Intelligent Door Locks
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