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      Model No : 601-X    

Network Cabinet 601-X
    Technical Specification:
  • Now production which can be freely assembled and disassembled.
  • Whole body sprayed static powder and plastic,steel-glass door.
  • Fully open construction which can be assembled and dissembled ans repaired easily
  • The height of installing plate and rack can be adjusted randomly
  • Tow side doors sre designed for disussembling which can be connected
  • Equiped four directional trukle and adjustive supported bolts on the botton.
  • With assembing cable holder on the bottom.
  • Size:600*600/600*800/800*800/800*1000
    Ordering information:
  • Item No. Description Size(mm)
    J601-40 19" Cabinet 40U 600*600*2000 600*800*2000
    J601-35 19" Cabinet 35U 600*600*1800 600*800*2000
    J601-30 19" Cabinet 30U 600*600*1600 600*800*1600
    J601-20 19" Cabinet 20U 600*600*1200 600*800*2000
    J601-16 19" Cabinet 16U 600*600*1000 600*600*1000
    J601-16 19" Cabinet 12U 600*600*750 600*800*750