• Wireless Accessories HBA-107A
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Wireless Accessories

  • Power supply:3V Non-Hg high alkaline battery. 2500mAH,at least continues working for two years.
  • Working current:static<20μA; alarm<15 Ma
  • Wireless parameter:frequency 315MHz,Transmitting distance >150 m (wide area without interfere) KM-2000 communication mode.
  • Working mode:power save mode (twice alarm minimum alternation time is about seven minute; Test mode:(twice alarm minimum alternation time is 20 second)
  • Sensor:Special made low noise double configuration.
  • Sensitive indicator:When detect people body go through the curtain defense area,the red LED turns on for 1.5 second and transmit the signal.
  • Sensitivity:Jump line adjusted:(3~6 m,5~9 m,9~18 m,6~12m,four grade)
  • Detecting wide angle:110o
  • Double curtain thick angle:2~4o
  • Detecting distance:maximum 12 m.
  • Temperature compensation:-10oC~55oC,Automatically digital temperature compensation as per 0.1oC.
  • Power Low:When battery voltage is lower than 2.5v. Automatically it transmits wireless alarm signal once.
  • Size:110?0?0mm.
  • Working condition:working temperature:-10oC~55oC
  • Stored temperature:-25oC~65oC
  • Anti-electromagnetism:>30V/M
  • Anti-white light:>6500 LUX
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This product is one of detectors with multi hi-tech and high performance. Compounding of macro-wireless emittancer circuit, passive high precise curtain detector configure, inkling logical digital core and high non-Hg alkaline battery, it adopted engineering Nylon. Reliable and find quality. Outstanding features: A. Stronger anti-error report and much better detecting ability than common double IR and curtain detectors. B. Adopting precise temperature compensation and anti-air technology with patent protection.Whatever temperature look like, it keeps high sensitivity, without temperature death area. (the common detector sensitivity is reduced easily or reports error while the temperature is -32oC~40oC or out of these temperature). It is especially used for the whole wall, sunshine flat roof, aisle…etc. C. Easy to install, absolutely wireless, power supply built-in, wireless telegraph transmitting signal. D. Save power design+high capacity, it last longer than other wireless infrared detector. E. Extending socket built-in, compatible with wireless multi-host.
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