Digital Glassbreak

  • Sensor:Photo semiconductor shock sensor 
  • Processor:Microprocessor controlled 
  • Alarm Relay Output:Normally closed contact, opens on alarm 
  • Alarm Relay Rating:100mA 12V, 30 ohm resistor in series 
  • Sensitivity Setting:Manual setting:by rotary VR setting continuously 
  • Warm Up Time:Immediately 
  • Anti False Alarm Pulse Count:3 seconds 
  • Tamper Switch:Normally closed, open upon lid removal 
  • Tamper Rating:100mA at DC12V 
  • Indication:Red LED indicating Alarm 
  • Alarm Duration:2 seconds 
  • Supply Voltage:DC8-15V 
  • Normal Current:11mA at DC12V 
  • Alarm Current:17mA at DC12V 
  • Operating Temperature:-20 to 500C 
  • Casing:Fire resistance white PVC 
  • Dimension(WxHxD):26x85x24mm 
  • Weight:50 g
  • cart
PS-971 is a unique patented digital shock detector that combines high stability photo semiconductor vibration sensor with advanced microprocessor unit. The vibration signal it receives within a period will be analyzed and compared with the database in order to determine whether it is an alarm signal. In addition, the sensitivity can be set continuously in order to get a balance point correctly. This provides the user with exceptional all round performance and unrivalled operational features and reliability.
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