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      Model No : DSW108A    
The product adopts ionization room with advanced single-power twin-room structure in the world, 9V battery as power source, and economizes electricity. It is used in single room in family. For your safety, you d better install one alarm in every room. Please read the instruction carefully before you use it, do not open the alarm easily to avoid being irregular for working. You cannot replace any component in this product except for battery to avoid irregular working, if there is any wrong with it, please contact the supplier promptly.

Power source: DC9V(cascading battery power)
Working current: surveillant current <10uA,
alarm current: <10mA;
Alarm sound: >85dB
Ambient temperature: -10C ~50C
Ambient humidity: 95%(40 2 )
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The ionization room adopts single-power twin-room structure in the world, has high sensitivity and good anti-jamming performance, Adopts special control CMOS chip gathering high compositive degree, steady performance and long using life; Tiny power consumption, battery as power source, safety, convenient installation, not join other power source, Alarm function of low voltage, reminding you to replace the battery on time; Periodic testing: We suggest that you d better do a simulation testing every week or every 15 days to guarantee your damage declining to the lowest when danger happen, you only press the testing button gently for this work; Convenient installation: Do not effect by the position of power, spare the trouble of drawing power source, please refer to installation way and note for the installation; Double alarm: Adopts double alarm of sound-audio, it can attend the common or lower audition user at the same time.
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