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      Model No : DSW104    
Model No.: DSW104
  • The detector has a >85dB onboard siren and LED indication.
  • Interconnection feature to other DSW104抯. This enables all units to sound their
  • Horns in the event of one of the DSW104抯 detecting a potential fire condition.
  • The Security Panel connection feature can be used in the event of there not being
  • anyone in the vicinity of the detectors for the audible horn to be heard, in such instances,
  • the unit may be connected to a security panel to alert the relative personnel.
  • The unit has a built in test button for testing.
  • 10 year Battery life.
  •     Technical Parameter
    Detector Type: Optical / Photoelectric
    Physical Dimensions: ¢104mm x 50mm
    Weight: 140g
    Operation Voltage: 6 Vdc*12 Vdc
    Operation Temperature: -10oCto + 60oC
    Supply Voltage: 9*12 Vdc
    Lithium Battery (10 Year Life)  
    Maximum Quiescent Current: < 15uA
    Operational Indication : Flashing Led every 45 Seconds
    Fire Pre-Warning Condition: Flashing Led every 0.5 Seconds
    Local Fire Condition: Flashing Led + Pulsating Sounder
    Remote Fire Condition: Pulsating Sounder Only
    Battery Low Condition: Beep or Chirp Sound Simultaneously With Led Flash
    Chamber Degradation (Dirty): Beep or Chirp Sound Halfway Between Led Flash
    Sound Pressure: > 85dB
    Test Facility: Push Button
    Inter-Connection Capabilities: 40 Units
    Security Panel Connection: Normally Open Relay Contact
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