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Sliding Gate Operators,Automatic Sliding Door

The sliding gate operators are used to drive sliding gates for industrial, commercial and residential uses. The operators can be fitted with gear wheel or chain wheel according to your needs, and featured with powerful starting strength, capable of overwork at short time. In case of power failure, an emergency release key allows operate gate manually.

Sliding Gate Opener,gate opener manufacturer
Sliding gate

Sliding Gate Opener,gate opener manufacturer
Extension sliding gate

  • Gear-drive or chain-drive is optional
  • Magnetic or spring limit switch is optional
  • The self-locking electromechanical gear motor keeps the gate completely closed
  • Motor torque adjustment
  • Stop on closing if it hits obstruction
  • Overheat & Overload dual protection
  • Emergency release key in case of power failure
  • Control panel wiring are available to alarm lamp, remote controller, photocells, loop detector and IC card, etc.
  • Available in DC24V version, which can be operated by two storage batteries DC12V each.
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    Sliding Gate Operator CB-01

    Model:CB-01 Sliding Gate Operators

    Input power:AC 110V+/-10% 60Hz
    Environment temperature:-10°C~40°C
    Loaded on gate operators:AC 110V 3.4A
    Loaded on electric lock:DC 12V 3A

    User Mannual: CB-01
    Gear wheel & Magnetic limit switch 
    The self-locking gear motor
    Safety Obstruction Reverse (An infrared photocells must be installed)
    Overheat & Overload dual protection 
    Emergency release key in case of power failure
    Control panel wiring are available to alarm lamp, remote control, photocells, loop detector, IC card.
    Inside view
    Electric controller
    Model No.:CB-01

    Inside view
    Magnetic limit switch
    internal view

    Inside view
    256Box Dimension(PDF)

    Gear rack
    • 1005*30*12mm
    • Module = 4
    • Galvanized
    • 4 pcs/carton
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