• Wireless Microphone WM600s
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Wireless Microphone

  • Excellent reception system ensures super high sensitivity, excellent selectivity.
  • Half 19"ELA standard case with volume control.
  • Balanced & unbalanced AF output for various needs.
  • SMT assembled
  • PCB module ensures the quality and stability for easy installation & quick replacements, especially convenient to after sales service.
  • Special noise absorption parts inside the barrels, which eliminate switch shock noise & handing noise.
  • RF input with RF-Preamplifier to improve signal-noise and get high sensitivity & side dynamic range.
  • Low noise mixer circuitry helps to reduce the noise from interference to a minimum.
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Receiver model Diversity PLL Diversity
Carrier frequency 170-260MHz 450-960MHz
Frequency steadying 20PPM 5PPM
Sensitivity 3uV 30dB S/N 2uV 30dB S/N
F/N Ratio 80dB 85dB
P/N Ratio 70dB 85dB
Audio output 1/4", 3-pin XLR(0-774mV) 1/4", 3-pin XLR(0-774mV)
Antennae BNC BNC
Dimensions(W*H*D) 482*172*44 482*172*44
Carrier frequency 170-260MHz 450-960MHz
Frequency steadying 20PPM 5PPM
Modulation model FM FM
Nominal deviation 15KHz,max, 30KHz 35KHz,max, 60KHz
Output power 30mW 25mW
RF squelch > 50dB > 50dB
Battery 9V Layers style 2 Piles alcaline 1.5V(AAA)
Audio frequency responses 50-16000Hz 50-16000Hz
S/N Ratio > 100dB > 100dB
T.H.D < 1% < 0.8%
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