• DJ Amplifieds MC52
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MC52 Sound console

  • MC5208 -MC5218 Input impedance of mike:Low impedance
  • Balanced:1200Ω
  • Lopsided:600Ω high impedance Balanced:10KΩ
  • Lopsided:5KΩ
  • Imput level of mike:-60dB
  • Imput impedance of circuitry:Imbalance:20KΩ
  • Imput level of circuitry:Rated -20dB Maxium +21dB
  • Output load impedance :600Ω
  • Output level:Rated +4dB
  • Maxium +21dB Channels plus input/output:Double track:64dB
  • Single track :70dB
  • Monitor outer effect implement:64dB
  • Stereo circuitry :24dB
  • Input of outer effect impiement:14dB
  • Total haronic distortion:20Hz-20KHz<0.1% Frequency response
  • 20Hz-20KHz ( +1dB-2dB)Signal
  • noise ratio:Converted into imput port-124dB
  • Maximum power :30W
  • Supply voltage :AC220V+/-5%  50Hz+/-2Hz
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