• Fire control panel DSW01
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Fire control panel

Zone Alarm(1 Zone)

  • Operating Voltage:DC 24V+/-15%,AC 220V+10%(-15%),50Hz
  • Storage Batteries:The capacity of the batteries is supplied according to panel type and user's demand. The maximum capacity is 4 Ah
  • Detector operation voltage:DC 20-24V,
  • Standby current:2.5 mA (when connected with 25 conventional detectors)
  • Fire alarming resistor:150Ω-510Ω(normally 390Ω)
  • Terminal resistor:3.6kΩ
  • Sounder output voltage:DC20-24V,
  • Sounder output current:1 A
  • Sounder terminal resistor:3.6kΩ
  • Fire output:Aux.power output,1A,DC 24V
  • Fault output:Aux.power output 1A,DC 24V
  • Dimension:280mm*320mm*95mm
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DSW01/02/04/08/16 multi-wire fire panels are designed to be conventional fire panels developed from microprocessor,which can monitor and control 1,2,4,8,16 zones fire information respectively. Each zone can be connected with 25 conventional fire detectors. Each W01,W02,W04 panel has 4 external devices control output points,and each W08,W16 has 6 points. Through the points,the panel can control such external devices as sounder strobe,siren,etc. The panel maximum load is 4 sounder outputs and 2 panel state outputs. The panel is designed to have internal standby batteries and space for installation (enough for two sealed acid storage batteries). The panel has test and isolating function,it also has day/night mode. It can indicate such states as normal,fault,fire alarming,short circuit and open circuit states; it also can indicate the position of the detectors which detect the fire. It is very simple and convenient to install and operate these 5 kinds of panels. All control functions start with a key switch on the keypad,and the programming function starts with the same key switch on the keypad and an internal switch. These 5 kinds of panels have the same functions and same installation and operation,except for having different monitoring zones and output points. The appearances and structures of W01,W02 and W04 are same,and W08 and W16 are same,respectively. We are taking the W16 as a sample to introduce the installation and operation of these panels.
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