• RF Anti Shoplifting System DPS8256F
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RF Anti Shoplifting System

CLASSICS - DPS256F 8.2MHz RF System

  • Height:167cm
  • Width:32cm
  • Antenna:chrome or gray
  • Diameter:25mm
  • Base:Purple
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Use of microprocessor to control and interpret RF signals. Use of digital filter to increase S/N (signal to noise) ratio thus maintaining high pick-rate. Multiple modulation frequency allows numerous systems to work together without synchronization. Built-in AGC (automatic gain control). High pick-rate, fast response time, and strong counter noise interference while keeping false or missed alarms to a minimum. Environmental friendly with economical power usage.
Tags/Labels Max. Detection width*
40x40 labels 1.2m
Mini tag 40mm 1.6m
Large tag 55 - 65mm 1.8m
* actual detection width may vary according to the environment at installation.
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