• RF Anti Shoplifting System DPS3333
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RF Anti Shoplifting System

ELEGANT - DPS3333 8.2MHz RF System with Digital Signal Processing

  • Height:161cm Width: 32cm
  • Antenna:ABS material,white/grey
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Equipped with DSP and proprietary software incorporating RF/ADD. An upgraded version of DPS2233. Automatic self-diagnosis of noise and signal so that it can function in high noise environment. Fully digitized systems reducing false alarms to a minimum. Automatic analysis and identification of the environment for noise and interference with self-adjustment (retune) to enhance maximum performance even in high noise environment. Digital systems with auto-testing mode enhancing installation and tuning procedures. Environmental friendly with economical power usage.
Tags/Labels Max. Detection width*
40x40 labels  1.4m
Mini tag 40mm 1.8m
Large tag 55 - 65mm 2.2m
* actual detection width may vary according to the environment at installation.
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