• RF Anti Shoplifting System DPS3210
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RF Anti Shoplifting System

  • DPS3210B is one of our latest types of EAS sensor, the stability, detection percentage, false alarm percentage and anti-disturbance capability have been up to the new level, it can be set up in exits or alleyway of super-markets, library, shopping center, cloth store. It can test different types of soft and hard labels in 8.2MHz.
  • Increase digital filter technology; low the false alarm, and it can prevent the disturbance from similar frequency equipment and metal handcart;
  • You needn't set synchronization cable connecting when you install same models more than 10 meters (30 feet).
  • Adopts new mould---Aluminum alloy antenna pedestal, it can prevent the rustiness of pedestal and the rupture of antenna shelf after it has been used for a long time;
  • Two kinds of alarm tone---quick and slow, it also has three kinds of volume---High, Medium, Low, and you can choose the best one according to your needs;
  • We also have improved more than 20 technics points:Such as matching circuit, EMC design, technics improvement and so on
  • Scan center frequency:8.2MHz
  • Testing distance:
  • Soft label:>=1.2m
  • Hard label:>=1.5m
  • Testing area:>= 85%
  • Power waste:<=15W
  • Outer measurement(PACKING DETAILS):1650 x 340 x 85(mm)
  • NET WEIGHT:6.3kg(single pole antenna)
  • magnificent stainless steel match black orange vein, color can custom-made
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