• Miner LED Flashlight 4088
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Miner LED Flashlight

  • Rated capability:>5Ah(lithium-ion battery)
  • Rated voltage:3.6V
  • Continuous discharging time:12h
  • Main light LED Working voltage:3.3V
  • Main light LED Working current:0.35A(0.35A-0.39A)
  • Main light Power:7 pc
  • Main light Luminous flux:80Lm(70-90Lm)
  • lamp lighting degree Initial Lighting degree:3000-6000Lux (distance in 1m)
  • lamp lighting degree Lighting degree at work(11h):3000Lux (distance in 1 m)
  • Main light Usage life hour:30000h
  • Accessory light Power:0.4W
  • Accessory light Usage life hour:100000h
  • Short circuit protect time:15ms
  • Usage duration of battery (recharges):1200 recharges (in reasonable working condition)
  • Charging time:6h-10h
  • Dimensions:76x31x79mm (size of the li-ion battery)
  • Weight:0.6kg
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  • Miner LED Flashlight
  • Miner LED Flashlight
  • Miner LED Flashlight
Safety: In a sealed battery case, the product has a short-circuit protection, LED light head lamp and anti-static housing which make it explosion-proof. The miner's lamp is reasonable tool for the coal miners. Reliability: The tough housing, the optimized structure design, the solid LED light that uses high efficient IC drivers, make the product durable and strong. The lamp is capable to endure at strong power attacked, the perfect of protection for Li-ion battery over charge/discharge design strengthen the reliability of the lamp. The miner's lamp is very suitable to work under bad environment of the coal mine. Portability: Small in size, light in weight, portable to carry, free of maintenance, simple charging, easy usage. The miner's lamp has received many praises from the miners. Efficiency: The LED lamp is very bright of luminous flux 80Lm, The luminous intensity is 3000-6000Lux (in distance of 1m). This intensity is maintained from the beginning of the shift to the end of the shift., usage life 1200 cycles (in reasonable working condition). Environmental: the miner's lamp is made from environmental Li-ion battery and other environmental materials. So the miner's lamp is an very good green product. Economy: duration of usage three times longer than lead and acid miner's lamp, plus Li-ion battery is free maintenance then save in maintenance fee make the product higher economy benefit. Much more better than the traditional miner's lamp
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