Gas Detector&Alarm

Coal Gas / Natural Gas / LPG

  • Power Input:Household Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz Or DC 12V
  • Buzzer Level:>=70dB/m
  • Alarm Density:15% LEL
  • Operating Temperature:-10oC to + 40oC
  • Operating Humidity:<=90% RH
  • Stability:<=+/-5% LEL
  • Repetition:<=+/-5% LEL
  • Alarm Density Error:<=+/-5% LEL
  • Alarm Mode:Flash & sound alarm/Network Alarm Signal
  • Power Consumed:+/-5W
  • Size:120 * 70* 44mm
  • cart
MCU Processing with High Reliability Long Service Life Low Power Sensor Adopted Wall Mounted Independent & Network Optional Power Input Method Optional Auto Reset After Alarm
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