• Gas Detector&Alarm COA-860
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Gas Detector&Alarm

SnO2 Semi-conductive CO sensor

  • Processor:Microchip controller
  • Alarm Concentration:Alarmed within 90 minutes under concentration of 100ppm
  • Alarm Concentration:Alarmed within 35 minutes under concentration of 200ppm
  • Alarm Concentration:Alarmed within 15 minutes under concentration of 400ppm
  • Buzzer:Sounded when alarmed,1dB at one meter
  • Alarm Relay Output:Form A, normal closed contact, opened for 3 seconds when alarmed, can be set to normal opened by jumper
  • Alarm Relay Contact:1A , DC30V
  • Alarm Reset:Auto reset
  • Power Source:DC12V
  • Standby Current:100uA
  • Alarm Current:50mA
  • Operating Temperature:-10 to 500C
  • Casing:Fire resistant PC
  • Dimension:φ100 x 45mm with detachable connection base
  • Weight:130 g
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This is an unique patented CO detector which combines high stability detection with an advanced signal processing system. It can detect CO promptly and correctly. When the CO concentration in the area exceeds the limited, it will sound and flash to indicate an alarm and a relay signal will be sent to the control panel. SMT design: * Fire resistant casing * Use highly stable sensor and advanced signal processing * Technology
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