Gas Detector&Alarm

Heat detector series

  • Detecting temperature method:rate of rise and fixed temperature
  • Power supply:DC12V→DC24V
  • Static current:<60uA
  • alarm temperature:65°C
  • working humidity:10&rarr;90%
  • installing method:ceiling installation
  • Double indicator.
  • After installing and switching on power,the detector is in
  • operation state. When it detects that the ambient
  • temperature is higher than preset alarm value or the
  • temperature flare up to rise,the LEDs light and the
  • unit output signal immediately.
  • cart
  • Gas Detector&Alarm1、Terminal 5 connect "+" 2、Terminal 2 connect "-" 3、Terminal 6 and 3(4)-relay output terminal.
  • Gas Detector&AlarmCharacteristics *Explosionproof function,elegant shell,easy to installation. *Anti-interference,anti-humidity *Non-pollution,high safety. *The detector has good stabilization,false alarm is little,and it not influenced by weather's changing.
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