Gas Detector&Alarm

Portable Gas Detector

  • Detecting Gas:combustible gas(CH4,C3H8,H2)and toxic gas, oxygen
  • Accuracy:<=+/-5% F.S.
  • Response time:T<30s
  • Indication:LCD indicates the time and state
  • Indication of alarm:fault and low voltage with LED, sound, vibration
  • Working Environment:Operating temperature -40oC~70oC (for combustible gas)
  • Operating temperature -20oC~50oC (for toxic gas)
  • Humidity:<90%RH non-condensing
  • Working voltage:DC3.6V Li battery,1200mAh
  • Charging time:4h~6h
  • Working time:Combustible gas >=8h continuously
  • Toxic gas:>=300h continuously
  • Life of sensor:2 years
  • Protection grade:IP65
  • Weight:about 200g(including battery)
  • Dimension:110mm*60mm*40mm
  • cart
Advanced MCU control with low power consumption; LCD indication; Low and high alarming level; Adjustable calibrating level; Combustible gas sensor high content protection function; High concentration protection for combustible gas; Self test for the combustible gas sensor; Low battery indication; Real-in time indication; Replaceable sensor module; Self-adjustment function Visual and audible alarm with vibration; STEL and TWA alarming for toxic gases Advanced self-examination and self-renovation function Password management to avoid wrong operation; Self-safety anti-explosion
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