Gas Detector&Alarm

Portable Gas Detector

  • Safe degree:Intrinsically safe
  • Testing type:pump sampling
  • Sensor:Catalytic or electrochemical
  • Gas:Combustible or toxic gas
  • Response time:T<30s
  • Working condition:Temperature -40°C~70°C for combustible gas<br>Temperature -20°C~50°C for toxic gas
  • Humidity:<90%RH no condensation
  • Protection grade:IP65
  • Battery:DC3.7V, 2.1AH, Li battery
  • Working time:8 hours continuously for catalytic gas sensor<br>48hours continuously for electrochemical gas sensor;
  • Charging time:(4~)h
  • cart
Advanced 16 digit MCU control Large LCD display Adopt pump sampling tested gas, could sample test for distance, safety. Could set Low and high alarm point, tow level alarm, screen could display alarm type. TWA,STEL alarming,could display STEL and TWA level; Supply time and remain battery level display. Replaceable modularize sensor 2000 pieces records, including peak value, type, could auto cover when it full. Could connect with computer and output data, and analyses the results. Two levels and three ternary alarming (visible audio and vibration) Power on and self-test function, sensor, visible, audio and vibration information Password management and password validation for important operation
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