• Motion Detectors DDT235D
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Motion Detectors

Intelligent complex PIR and MW detector

  • Novel circuit design & column lens, high sensitivity.
  • Advanced "true motion recognition" technology to separate true intruder from other interference.
  • Two-grade automatic pulse adjustment.
  • Full-scale temperature compensation and strong ability of false alarm prevention.
  • Advanced quadruple plane microwave with strong stability;DSP chip with DMF technology.
  • Microwave with anti masking distance to 10-15cm.
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Model DDT235D DTT-235DF DTT-235IT
Detection distance 12m×12m
MW frequency 10.525GHz
Power input 9.0~15.0VDC
Work temperature -25°C~+65°C
Anti white light >80000LUX
True motion recognition   yes yes
Pet immunity   20kg 25kg
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