• PIR Lamp ESL60
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PIR Lamp

PIR Security Light

  • Power supply:100~130V/AC
  • 220~240V/AC
  • power frequency:50~60Hz
  • rated load:75W.maxX2
  • time delay: 5S~8Min
  • sense distance:12m(≤22℃)
  • sense angle:180o
  • ambient light:
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  • PIR Lamp


Connect the brown and blue wire from sensor with power.


  • Select the specific installation position according to the following diagram
    • The detection angle (top view)
    • The strong detection field (arrow means one’s moving direction)
    • Poor detection field
    • Detection distance and range (side view)
Ⅰ                 Ⅱ
Ⅲ             Ⅳ

Installing process:

  • Tighten off the screws fixing the bottom cover, take off the cover;
  • Put power line through the crossing-line hole, Connect the power source according to connection-wire figure;
  • Cover the bottom cover, tighten the screws and fix it to sense body,
  • Fix the lamp on the suitable position with dilatant screws, and then electrify it to test.
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