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  • PSK Modulation
  • Read Range:Up to 4 inch(10cm)
  • User format available 
  • Easy to install on Metal Door Frame or Mullion
  • External LED Control
  • External Buzzer Control
  • Indoor/Outdoor Operation
  • Solid Epoxy Potted
  • Waterproof/IP65/IP66
  • Warranty:Life Time
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • cart
Model CR-121W CR-121MRF TINY
Read Range Passive Type IDK50 / IMC125:Up to 2 inch (5cm)
IDC80:Up to 2.8 inch (7cm)
IDC170:Up to 4 inch (10cm)
Active Type IDA150 / IDA200 compatible
Reading Time (Card) 30ms.
Power / Current DC 12V / Max.180mA
Input Port 2ea (External LED Control, External Buzzer Control)
Output Format 26bit Wiegand (default) / RS232 and ABA Track II (optional)
LED Indicator 2 Color LED Indicators(Red and Green)
Beeper Piezo Buzzer
Operating Temperature -35° to +65°C ( -31° to +149°F )
Operating Humidity 10% to 90% relative humidity non-condensing
Color Dark Pearl Gray;Black,silver
Material Polycarbonate,ABS
Dimension(W x H x T) 123x76x23mm 121x46x22mm
Weight 160g (0.35lbs) 185g (0.41lbs)
Index of Protection IP65 / IP66
Certification UL, FCC, CE, MIC, RoHS
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