• DVR Board TE-0040
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DVR Board

  • 1. Video/Audio Input:1-channel audio, 16-channel video
  • 2. E-map:Provide an electronic map that lays out the location of video cameras, sensor and alarm devices
  • 3. Network Function:Support PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, LAN and Internet connections
  • 4. Compression mode:Adopt famous patent Engine-K compression mode, clearer image and image size per frame less than 2.5K
  • 5. Strong network function:Only consuming 2M bandwidth, support completely multi-channel real-time transmission on LAN, DDN and ADSL
  • 6. Provide multi-level P/T/Z control
  • 7. Total resource at 100-200F/S, maximum 16-channel video input, recording frame rate continuously adjustable from 1 to 25 frames
  • 8. 1 system support 2 cards
  • 9. Video compression ratio:150∶1棗200∶1
  • 10. Single channel and multi channel playback with speed adjustable
  • 11. Resource occupancy of video image at 120-150M/H per channel,more stable and reliable performance
  • 12. Screen Display:Full screen, 1, 4, 6, 9, 13, 16 split-screen layout, loop display
  • 13. The only one that includes E-map into harddisk and displays E-map on graphic interface of video recorder. Allow customer to monitor alarm or emergency alert status in the entire geographic area
  • 14. Searching Function:provide playback searching function, which is more convenient and intuitive than normal calendar searching and file searching
  • 15. Full function player:play back up to 16 video/audio records simultaneously, frame reverse, zoom in/out the video, image stretching, soften and sharpen features
  • 16. Built-in watermark protection, prevention from tamper and other special functions
  • 17. Friendly Chinese graphic user interface, stable operating system, prevention from computer dead, and auto recovery function
  • 18. Able to connect to 1-channel monitoring video output of another monitor
  • 19.8 Channel real time display and record (240 FPS)
  • 20.16 channel supported one system (max)
  • 1 Channel audio
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1. 1-16 channels video input,1 channels audio input from sound card. 2.100 frames. 3.Engine-k software compression, 150-400M/hour. 4.Use Kodicom software. powerful network function. 5.Frames controllable. support PTZ control from alarm card. 6.Super remote control function. 7.Can build 8ch realtime or 16ch unrealtime system. Recommended Index: * High Stability * Strong Network Function * Super-Clear Image * High Compression Ratio * High Performance and Low Price
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