• Video DoorPhone EVP438A-BW
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Video DoorPhone

Indoor monitor

  • Power Source:DC 14V 
  • Power Consumption:12W 
  • Display:4" Flat CRT Tube 
  • Chime:Ding Dong Chime 
  • Communication:dual- way 
  • Resolution:380 lines 
  • Operating temperature:-25oC~75oC 
  • Installation:wall- mounted 
  • Outdoor station:plastic material 
  • Power Source:AC100~240V 
  • Camera:CMOS 
  • Illumination:0.1LUX 
  • light source:6 infrared LED 
  • Operating temperature:-25~75
  • Installation:wall-mounted
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Up to 4 monitors with 1 camera or 2 monitors with 2 camera is possible Input voltage: AC 110~250V Infrared LED: you can enjoy a constantly clear and bright picture on the screen at any light condition Wide view angle (92?: unnecessary to adjust camera view angle Easy monitor: watching and communicating with your visitor over the handset Door release function: can be combined with electric controlled lock
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