Electro Magnetic Lock

EleMagnetic Lock

  • Model LIS-223 electric lock is a new developed lock specially used for door
  • system and calling system inside building,which apply advanced mechanic
  • design and with adjustable locking pressure and changeable dead bolt.
  • The dead bolt has anti-theft function and can match easily with electric
  • anti-theft door. This lock can be open by key or switch or electric controller.
  • It has features such as long service life,no static power consumption and safety,etc.
  • Technical parameters:
  • Voltage of opening lock:9~15VDC/AC
  • Current of opening lock:3A (only 1s is required)
  • Sensitivity:1s
  • Extension length of dead bolt:13mm
  • Service life:500,000 times
  • Locking method:by collision
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