• Rolling Door RDO1000
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Rolling Door

  • Power supply:3P-380V
  • Rated current:1.2A
  • Motor speed:1250rpm
  • Output power:500W
  • Max.lifting capacity:1000kg
  • Roller diameter:165mm
  • Roller rotate:4.15rpm
  • Reduction ratio:312:1
  • Weight:21kg
  • Control type:Controller
  • Accessories:
  • Roller chain spec.:10A 1*76
  • cart
For operation of rolling shutter of commercial and industrial usage. Door weight up to 1000kg. * Powerful starting strength * Overwoking for a short time * Overheat protection * Limit switch unit enables precise adjustment of doof in up and down positions * Electric and manual operations * Release chain in case ofr power failure * Bulit-in control panel (RDO500C/RDO600C/RD500) * Control Panel are available to infrared Electronic photobeam,alarm lamp,and remote control * Safety device for preventing the vehicle or people from damage in case of roller chain break off.
RDO1000 Controller RDO1000 Outdoor type Button Switch
Indoor type Button Switch Remote Controller Electronic photobeam
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