• Exit Light 8012
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Exit Light

  • 120/277 VAC Dual voltage operation.
  • Low power consumption 3.8 watts at normal operation,15 watts at emergency operation.
  • LED indicator light and push button test switch.
  • Remote capability- may power additional remote heads (up to 6V /12W) with additional battery.
  • LEDs mounted on print circuit board.(for Exit Sign)
  • LED lamps are operating in normal (AC input) and emergency (DC input) modes.
  • 2x6V 5W T5 wedge base lamp fro emergency mode.
  • Lead-Calcium Battery (6V 5Ah).
  • May use additional battery, when add remote light heads to the fixture. (Total 2X 6V 4.5Ah battery).
  • Low voltage battery disconnection
  • cart
Automatic battery Charging by a charging circuit Automatic power transfer to a stand-by power source in the event of a power failure Battery state monitoring by a battery monitoring lamp Lighting confirmation by an inspection switch Power saving by three-line-wiring
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