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  • Mode of Operation:Maintained
  • Lamp:2X8W/T5 G5 Fluorescent tube
  • Rated Supply Voltage:220V-240V/50-60HZ
  • Battery:6V 4.5Ah Lead Acid Battery
  • Full Change:Approx.24hours
  • Duration:Approx.7hours
  • IP Class:IP20
  • Insulation:I
  • Dimension:44x43.5x25cm/6pcs
  • G.W.:16kgs
  • N.W.:14.5kgs
  • One Tube Works at Normal Mode,Another Tube
  • Only Works at Emergency Mode
  • cart
Automatic battery Charging by a charging circuit Automatic power transfer to a stand-by power source in the event of a power failure Battery state monitoring by a battery monitoring lamp Lighting confirmation by an inspection switch Power saving by three-line-wiring
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