MCS-203R (Wireless)

Wireless Accessories

  • Dimensions:3 3/16"*7/8"*15/16" (81mm*22mm*23.5mm)
  • Weight:1.2 oz. (34g), excluding battery
  • Battery Weight:0.45 oz. (13g)
  • Frequency:433.5
  • Transmitter's ID Code:24-bit digital word, over 16 million combinations, pulse width modulation
  • Overall Message Length:36 bits 
  • Alarm Inputs:2:one internal, one external, each with a separate 24-bit transmitter 
  • Auxiliary Input Circuit Type:N.C. / E.O.L., selected with DIP switch 
  • E.O.L. Resister Required:47 kilo ohms 
  • Message Repetition:Once every 3 minutes or one-shot, selectable via on-board DIP switch
  • Supervision:Signaling at 60-minute intervals via reed switch or aux. input, including battery supervision
  • Tamper Reporting:Every 3 minutes until restored
  • Power Source:3V Lithium CR-2-type battery, Panasonic or Sanyo only (not included) 
  • Battery Life Expectancy:3 years (typical use) 
  • Operating Temperature:32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
  • Standards:FCC compliant
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