• Wireless Accessories MCS-601
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Wireless Accessories

  • Alarm controlling distance between wireless transmitter unit and magnetic unit:<=1.5cm.
  • Working voltage:12V
  • Working current:<=10mA
  • Static current:<=5μA
  • Working frequency:433.92 MHZ?KHZ/315 MHZ
  • Emitting frequency:>10mw
  • Frequency tolerance:?.2MHz
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Widely used for protecting the door, window, drawer?.etc intruders. It is made up of one wireless transmitter unit and one magnetic unit. When installing the battery, it starts to work. When the distance between one wireless transmitter and the other magnetic part is more than 1.5cm, the sensor red LED turns on as well as the sensor sends out alarm signal to the alarm host (refer to our “LY?alarm system). The alarm host will hoot and automatically dial the pre-set alarm telephone numbers. If the battery is too low, the green LED turns on to show user to replace new battery. This detector can be extended to one transmitter,two small parts ( one of part wired with one transmitter), so user can choose it to make something different. Another possibility to have two socket built-in so as to connect with something electronic unit in case.
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