Digital Glassbreak

  • Digital Processor:8 bits 8MHz microprocessor 
  • Sensitivity Adjust:Continuously adjustable by variable resistor 
  • Coverage:8m distance 
  • Mounting:Ceiling or wall mounted, near to or opposite to the glass 
  • Interference Rejection:RFI/EMI filtering with SMD technology 
  • Window Size:Any type and size of glass window 
  • Alarm Indication:Red LED constant light 3 seconds 
  • LED Indication:Yellow LED light(test mode),Green LED lights(normal),Red LED lights(alarm) 
  • Test Mode:Push button to enter test mode, exit test mode after 5 minutes automatically 
  • Testing Method:Using PS-373 glass-break simulator 
  • Alarm Output:N.C. and N.O., 30Vdc 1A 
  • Alarm Memory Latch:Selectable, red LED will light up constantly after alarmed 
  • Anti-Tamper Switch:N.C., opens when cover removed, 0.15A,28Vdc 
  • Power Input:11.5-16Vdc, 24mA 
  • Operating Temperature:-10~50
  • Operating Humidity:95% 
  • Weight:100g 
  • Size:51x99x20mm(WxHxD)
  • cart
The PS-372 is an electronic device using advanced digital technology. It employs an 8 bit microprocessor to perform constant analysis of the glass environment it is protecting. The PS-372 hears the unique multi frequency acoustic shock wave of glass-breaking; then it analyses the signal digitally by a microprocessor and decides whether it is the sounds of an actual glass break event or not. The micro algorithm identifies multiple variations of the glass break signal data in both unique time and frequency domains. In short; it compares the sound it hears with the wave shape of actual breaking glass in the memory database and ignores extraneous noises. Since the detector analyses wave shape but not amplitude, it will detect through curtains, drapes, blinds and sun tinting applications. Thus PS-372 is not crippled by post installation changes such as curtains or laminated window application.
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