Motion Detectors

Dual Technology Motion(Infrared and Microwave)Detector, 25M

  • Operating Voltage:9-16VDC
  • Current:25mA
  • Contacts of Alarm:NC,12VDC,50mA max
  • Contacts of Tamper:NC,12VDC,100mA max
  • Time to Alarm:2.2s
  • Time to Warm-up:2 minutes
  • RFI characteristic:30V/m at 10Mhz to 1Ghz
  • Operating Temperature:-0°C to 55°C
  • Storage Temperature:-20°C to 60°C
  • Size:128*64*40mm
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The Dual Technology (Infrared and Microwave) Motion Detectors has the Features as
Intelligent Control, Microprocessor, Top View and Elegant Design which are Specially
Suitable For Luxurious Residence and Commercial Environments.
By using Infrared and Microwave Simultaneously, and adopting Microprocessor for Digital
Signal Processing, Temperature Compensation, Antielectromagnetic Technology, and
Special Pigmented Lenses for Stronger Resistibility to White Light, the False Alarm problem
has basically been Settled.

Main Features:
Dual PIR and MW Technology
Microprocessor Design
True Temperature Compensation
Microwave Range is Adjustable
Dual Polarity Pulse Count is Adjustable
Resist Interference of white Light
Top View Window and Creep Zone
Power Consumption is Low
High RFI Immunity for False Alarm Prevention(30V/m-1GHz)
Professional Optical Pigmented Lenses
RA93 Swivel Brackets is Available
Resist Fluorescent Interference
Memory and Form-C Relay
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