• Motion Detectors DDT-110
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Motion Detectors

  • The Dual Technology (Infrared and Microwave) Motion Detectors has the Features as Intelligent Control, Microprocessor, Top View and Elegant Design which are Specially Suitable For Luxurious Residence and Commercial Environments.
  • By using Infrared and Microwave Simultaneously, and adopting Microprocessor for Digital Signal Processing, Temperature Compensation, Anti-electromagnetic Technology, and Special Pigmented Lenses for Stronger Resistibility to White Light, the False Alarm problem has basically been Settled.
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Main Features
  • Dual PIR and MW Technology
  • Microprocessor Design
  • True Temperature Compensation
  • Microwave Range is Adjustable
  • Dual Polarity Pulse Count is Adjustable
  • Resist Interference of white Light
  • Top View Window and Creep Zone
  • Power Consumption is Low
  • High RFI Immunity for False Alarm Prevention(30V/m- 1GHz)
  • Professional Optical Pigmented Lenses
  • RA93 Swivel Brackets is Available
  • Resist Fluorescent Interference
  • Memory and Form-C Relay

  • Operating Voltage:9-16VDC
  • Current:25mA
  • Contacts of Alarm:NC,12VDC,50mA max
  • Contacts of Tamper:NC,12VDC,100mA max
  • Time to Alarm:2.2s
  • Time to Warm-up:2 minutes
  • RFI characteristic:30V/m at 10Mhz to 1Ghz
  • Operating Temperature:-0°C to 55°C
  • Storage Temperature:-20°C to 60°C
  • Size:128*64*40mm
Motion Detectors DDT 110
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