• Motion Detectors DDT7380
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Motion Detectors

Ceiling mounting complex Infrared and MW intrusion detector

  • Adopts energy-saving logic processing DMF,DMT technology
  • Adopts dual infrared sensor and plane antenna microwave transmitter/receiver
  • Dual curtain style Fresnel lens,fit for ceiling mount
  • With novelty design,smooth lins,dynamic LED display
  • Adopts refined Fresnel lens technology,improve energy receiving efficiency
  • Adopts quadruplicity shielding technology,can control the detection area effectively,with high sensitivity
  • Digital two-way automatic temperature compensation,super resistance to false alarm
  • Advanced pet-immunity recognition technology can distinguish the different signal between intruder and pet
  • Advanced anti-cloak technology to recognize the intruder with cloak
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Model DDT7380 DDT7380DMF DDT7380DMT
Detection Dual PIR & MW complex
Detection range diameter 10m@25°C
Detection angle 110°
Installation mode ceiling mount
MW frequency 10.525GHz
Installation height 2.4m~4.8m install 10m diameter area
Working temperature temperature:-10°C~+50°C; relative humidity:5%~95%RH
Anti EMI >9000LUX
Anti-white light >30V/M (10MHz~1000MHz)
Pet-immunity No 25kg 25kg
Anti-cloak No Yes Yes
Alarm output Solid relay, NC
Dimension Φ110*40mm
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