• Outdoor siren EAS-315
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Outdoor siren

Outdoor Siren

  • ImpedancePiezo sounder
  • Input Voltage:12VDC +/-15%
  • Oper Voltage:12VDC +/-15%
  • Min SPL:115 dB at 12VDC/1m
  • Max Current:270 mA at 12VDC
  • Flash Rate :115 +/-15 Per Minute
  • Strobe Len:PC Lens(Blue or Red
  • Tone Nature:Warble
  • Housing:ABS White
  • weight:1.1 Kg
  • Remark:Microprocessor design, Ni-ca battery
  • cart
  • Outdoor sirenWireless PIR detector DPS-55 1.Specification power:DC9V 6F22 battery detect angle:110° static current:30µA remote control distance:>=30m(wide place) detect distance:12m installation height:2m +sense,emission LED
  • Outdoor siren4-key remote controller 1.specification power:DC3V ( lithium battery) static current:<1µA emitting current:<8mA remote control distance:>=30m(wide place)
  • Outdoor sirenWireless door magnetism MCS-204R 1.it transmit the signal of the door/ window's opening or closing to the main; 2.Tamper design: Under the condition that the triangle on emitter aims at triangle on magnetism, when the battery lid is removed, it will emit signal to the main.
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