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Control Panels,Alarm System

  • Number of zones:16 fully programmable zones
  • Zone types:Alarm,alarm with walk-through,entry,entry with double delay,24-hour
  • Zone timing:Entry delay - programmable from 10-300s,exit delay programmable from 10-150s
  • Keypad operation:Up to 8 remote keypads
  • Keypad type:LED Keypad Options
  • Digital communicator:Three 18-digit phone numbers:2 for monitoring and one for up/downloading
  • User code:Six 4-digit user codes:1 master code and 5 user codes
  • Engineer access code:6-digit code required for all programming:cannot be used to set or unset
  • Outputs:Internal siren:external siren:latching strobe;glassbreak- and smoke sensor resetting output
  • Supply voltage:16.5Vac
  • Total auxiliary power:400mA max
  • Keypad's Current draw:Each LED keypad is 40mA
  • Keypad's Voltage:9.8-14.0VDC
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  • Control Panels
  • Control Panels
  • Control Panels
DSM-236T/238T/2316T control panel is design for professional application in intelligent community, intelligent building, bank, station, airport, school or some other commercial or residential locations, providing maximum flexibility for variable environment. Besides, DSM-236T/238T/2316T control panel is easy to install with a full range of accessories designed for performance and durability 6/8/16 wired zones Compatible with 6-zone wireless module RF remote controller available 8-zone relay association module optional short message module optional LAN Module optional Integrated phone number dialer Connected to central station by PSTN Multi-protocol like 4+2,CFSK supportable 8 user combinations and 1 installer combination Programming with keypad and remote programming Lightningproof circuits
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