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Wireless Alarm System

  • DSM-2011 adopts wireless numeric coding,high frequency emission,receiving technology(433.03 MHz~434.79MHz,other frequency is optional),MCU control,and SMT technics.It can match with all wireless detector of our company (include wireless PIR,door magnetism,wireless smoke detector) and home security controller,and also it can fit with wireless remote controller,we hope it can take safe for your family.
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Adopts wireless connection with the mains,wireless detectors and remote controllers;
Adopts emission and receiving double technology
7PCS high light-degree LED as the alarm light;
alarm sonority is high and can reach more than 95dB
provide out charge-up ports,you can use power adapter to charge up inner storage battery;
tamper protect function:when the unit is taken down and the switch on the back is not pressed down,the unit will alarm;
alarm method:sound and light alarm,the sound alarm and LED flashing occur simultaneity;
the unit is designed for outdoor using.

1.storage battery:1.2V*6PCS 2500mAh
2.static current:7mA
3.working current:130mA
4.charge-up port:DC12V
5.alarm sonority:>95dB
6.alarm time-delay:1minute
7.Working frequency:433.03 MHz~434.79MHz
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