Control Panels

Control Panels,Alarm System

  • DSM-208 with popular LCD keypads,8 programmable zones,and the features of network
  • linking and alarm linkage output.It is compatible with internationally popular communication
  • format.With chargeable circuits and clock.
  • cart
1. Zone Terminal Resistor (2.2kiloohm)
2. 8 Zones of Mainboard
3. Expandable Wired Zone
4. Special Zones: Zone-5 is Fire Zone, Zone-6 is Tamper Zone
5. 11 types of Programmable Zones, 7 types of Voice Formats
6. Zone Terminal: NC, NO, Single End with Resistor
7. Programmable Output: 70mA
8. Expandable to 4 Large Current Output: 3A
9. 50 Event Records
10. 8 Groups of 4 Gradable Codes
11. Switch Output: 250mA
12. Built-in Siren Driver: 750mA max
13. Built-in Digital Clock
14. Daily Test Report
15. Disarm/Arm Report
16. 4 LCD Keypads Can be Connected to Control Panel
17. Circuit Responding Time of Each Zone can be Set as 10ms,
500ms or 1s
18. Mainboard has 7 types of Fire Alarm Bell Voice Driver
19. Connectible with Four 1.5V 12A Power Supply Expansion Board
20. Mainboard has One 70mA Programmable Open Circuit Collector
21. Connectible With 3A C-type Programmble Relay
22. The Distance is Up to 1500M between Module and Control Panel
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