Control Panels

Control Panels,Alarm System

  • Zone:4 programmable zones,2 emergency buttons on control panel.
  • Zone Type:8 types
  • Code Operation:Yes
  • Arm Type:2 (Away/Stay)
  • Chime Function:Yes
  • Bypass Zone:Yes
  • Zone Monitor:1K wire terminal resistor+/-30% tolerance
  • Display:LED,buttons luminance,buzzer
  • Programmable Relay Output:3 NO or NC outputs,load capacity 30VDC. 3A.
  • Protect against dismount switch:Yes
  • Remote control Function:Yes
  • Voltage:12V DC+/-20%
  • Current:Static state 40mA,alarming 90mA
  • Dimension:149(H) x 114(W) x 33(D) mm3
  • cart
  • Control Panels
This multifunctional alarming control panel consists of 4 programmadle wired alarming zones,2 emergency buttons,3 programmable output relays for siren,electric door,and othcr connected electric devices.
With LED displayer,to form a complete set of alarming systems in residential zones with a low cost,Meanwhile,Coding function is also applied in this control panel. With 6 different code set by the user,the control panel can activate the electric door through its code lock,which enhances the automation and safety of the home.
Duress code is also available. The siren shall not be triggered if the duress code is entered under duress situation, EEPROM memory will not lose programming or system status on power failure.
It has the wireless remote control function;6 remote controllers in maximum can be used for this alarm panel to arm, disarm and control electronic devices.
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