• Home Burglar Alarm DSW298IAS
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Home Burglar Alarm

  • Wireless Infrared Alarm System
  • AC voltage:AC220V+10% 50Hz
  • DC voltage:6V (4 No.1 alkali batteries)
  • Standby current:=8mA
  • Alarm current:Ac power=200mA, DC power=100mA
  • Radio receiving range:100-200m (Champaign)
  • Unit price:negotiable
  • Alarm sound =80dB within 1m.
  • Mini order 200 sets
  • Delivery Day About 25-30 days
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The detectors can automatically match codes with the alarm host. It's simple and fast. Adopt low power consumption design, which can achieve ultra-long standby time. Power on defense delay function:after it is power on, the alarm host and detectors are all delayed 20 seconds to let you leave. Or use remote controller to enter into defense state immediately The on-site alarm sound will automatically stop in 30 seconds. Or use remote controller to shutdown immediately. Both alarm controller and detectors are all equipped with low voltage indicator. With defense area status indicator. Alarm volume can be adjusted. Can be set 2 remote controllers.
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