• Home Burglar Alarm DSW-2000L
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Home Burglar Alarm

  • Technical index:main host:
  • Power Voltage: AC110-242V DC9-15V
  • Static Current: <=50mA
  • Alarm Current: <=250mA
  • Batteries: Built-in rechargeable
  • Receive Frequency: 433MHz+/-1MHz
  • Alarm volume:>=90dB within 1 meter
  • Dial way: dual-frequency voice dial
  • Dial parameter: -7+/-2dBM(high frequency) -9+/-2dBM(low frequency)
  • Ambient temperature:-10oC-50oC
  • Relative humidity:<80%
  • Dimension of main host:240*128*57mm
  • Wireless door gap detector:
  • Power:DC12V
  • Battery capacity:65mA
  • Work distance:1.5cM
  • Static Current:<=1.5uA
  • Alarm Current:<=10mA
  • Launch Frequency:433MHz+/-1MHz
  • Transmission distance:<=300meters(open area)
  • Wireless remote controller:
  • Power voltage:DC12V
  • Battery capability:65mA
  • Static current:0
  • Alarm current:<=6mA (can used twenty ┬ĘCthirty thousand times)
  • Launch frequency:433MHz+/-1MHz
  • Coding way:Fastness coding
  • Key-press explain:(1arm, 2arm,disarm ,urgency hope)4 key
  • Transmit distance:<=300 meters(beeline distance)
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main host ( one set)+ door magnet detector ( one pc )+ remote controller ( two pcs )+ phone line ( one line ) Standard function: 1- Telephone alarm- ) 9 lines telephone auto-dialer for alarm, can inform host's mobile telephone. 2- Wireless connections - )wireless connections between the host and detector, simple and convenient to expand. 3- Sub-area arm-) Can set up separate zone effectually, and the sensors for windows and doors can keep activated during night 4- Cut line and alarm-)It will cause the on-the-spot siren alarm if the robber destroys the telephone wire. ( This function can be switched off ) 5- Password protecting-) set up the system by password 6- Extension alarm-) Can send out the alarm signal by the extension telephone . 7- Long-range control -) can control host by telephone 8- Long-range monitor -) can monitor spot by telephone 9- Emergency alarm -) remote controller include emergency button 10- Power off protection -) all the functions which is preset will not be affected when the power is failed. 11- Alarm priority -) No matter what line is busy, host will have had priority to give an alarm, when the alarm situation takes place. Features: 1- Voice alarm-) Can record 10 seconds voice in advance. Will broadcast automatically when the telephone give an alarm. 2- Distinguish alarm-) Can distinguish the warning type and address and position according to the voice in the telephone 3- Network alarm-) The warning information of this host can be passed to the computer which networks the centre through the telephone wire 4- State display-) The host with LCD display and back ground with blue light 5- Zone control-) The products have the control function of 128 wireless zone. 6- Voice operating-) Products have the whole voice operate the function , including operate wrong voice prompt 7- Mute arm-) can only select auto-dial but not siren work when alarm
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