• Home Burglar Alarm DSW2000
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Home Burglar Alarm

  • Wireless System
  • Voltage of power supply:187-242VAC 10-14VDC
  • Static current:=45mA (non-charging state)
  • Alarm current:=650mA 
  • Backup power:6V 1.2A11(chargeable battery)
  • Receiving frequency:315MHz~MHz
  • Receiving distance:non- block
  • non-interference distance from detector:150meters
  • Host peripheral alarm whitle >80dB 
  • Working terperature:-10~+ 60oC
  • Relative humidity:5%-95% frost free
  • Preservative temperature:-20~+ 70oC
  • dimension:214x156x53mm
  • Remote:
  • Voltage of power supply:(DC)12V(AC23 battery)
  • Static current:0
  • Emissive current:=15mA 
  • Emissive frequency:315MHz~MHz
  • Wireless door/window detector
  • Voltage of power supply:(Main power)DC3V(Cr2032 battery)(Second power)DC12V (AG232 battery)
  • Static current(Main power):=5uA
  • Second power:0
  • Alarm current:(Main power)=2mA
  • Second power:=15mA
  • Emissive frequency:315MHz~MHz
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Ten groups of auto-dial telephone numbers for help in an emergency Built-in 20 second rewritable voice memorizer Both wireless and wired detectors are compatible Wireless control to activate and deactivate the alarm system Wireless control with intelligent home electric appliance Basic set includes:1 host, 1 wireless gap detector, 2 wireless controllers, 1 telephone line, 1 12V AC/DC adaptor Other components are available according to clients' requirements
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