• Home Burglar Alarm DSW-303
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Home Burglar Alarm

  • 1.PIR detecting distance:10 meters
  • 2.PIR detecting angle:89degrees
  • 3.Exit delay time:60 seconds
  • 4.Entry delay time:30 seconds
  • 5.Alarm Duration:30 seconds*2 cycles,30 seconds
  • rest in between
  • 6.Built-in alarm sound level:110dB/ft(+5/-3dB)
  • 7.Chime "Ding-Dong"level:HIGH-92dB/ft(+/-4dB)
  • :LOW-82dB/ft(+/-4dB)
  • 8.IR Remote Control distance:8 meters typical
  • :(IR remote control with new batteries)
  • 9.Power source:Main unit-UM-3,SizeAA(LR6)1.5V
  • :battery*4 or AC Adaptor with DC 6V 300mA output
  • :(Batteries}AC Adaptor not included)
  • :IR Remote Control AG13(LR44,A76)1.5V battery*4.
  • :(Batteries included)
  • 10.Quiescent current:Main unit-2.5mA approx.after
  • :system is armed.
  • :IR Remote Control-0mA
  • 11.Operation current:Main unit 120mA Typical
  • :IR Remote Control 40mA Typical
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1.High technology passive infrared sensor detects any movement within the protected area and turns on alarm siren or pleasant melody. 2.Detecting range up to 8 meters away and in a Wide angle of 89 degrees arc. 3.Small sized,easy installation,no wiring is required. 4.Alarm/Chime option. 5.Armed/Disarmed by IR Remote Controls. 6.Built-in110db/ft alarm siren. 7.Built-in Ding-Dong+/-pleasant melogy. 8.Entry,exit delay functions for alarm mode. 9.Alarm output with auto shut-off function. 10.Operated by 4 pcs of 1.5V UM-3,Size AA (LR6) battery or AC Adaptor with DC 6V 300 mA output (Batteries ©} AC Adaptor not included).
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